Benefactors of Friends of the Word

The Hand of God, designed by Fr Louis Scurti for the Baptistry of Jesus Christ Prince of Peace Chapel, Haledon, NJ

Mid Year, 2020 Benefactors

or   po box 7994 haledon, nj 07538


carl schmidt, So. Carolina

Christine kotwica, in honor of her sons; chris & ed

mrs denise di micelli  in memory of tom di micelli &

john brady 25th anniversary (11/26/95-20)

dr mary & walter voyus

mr & mrs alice & william keller, n.c. in memory of keller & mosel families

mr & mrs. bill & patricia mc entee in memory of our families

mr & mrs patricia & jack scullen

dr joseph & mrs lisa cucci & family

virginia & richard hayek in memory of phylis sportelli

mary & robert shanahan in memory of elizabeth q. flanagan

mr & mrs g. hoogerheyde in memory of russell trocano

barbara trocano in memory of russ trocano

maria restivo

mr & mrs lombardo in memory of lonbardo & benedetti families

nick & dorothy gemma 

maria salleroli in memory of dominic salleroli

wallace t. masiak in memory of venceslaus & jeanette l. masiak


michael & dana byrnes Community Sports Network (Monthly)

susan feingold (Monthly)

Richard Stomber

Felix Diaz(from UK) Terese Urban

Bill & Kathy Meyers




Camille Palumbo, in Memory of the 1st Anniversary of +Richard Palumbo

Bill and Patricia McEntee

In Memory of the Deceased Relatives of our Families

Christmas 2019 Donors,

to date

Ann (Nina) Manzo-Hundt

The Shanahan Family

Joseph M. Pacelli

Joanne N Van Sickle in Memory of Joseph & Delia Bernardi & James & Filomena Van Sickle & Nick & Mary Salemi in Memory of Our Deceased Parents

Maria Salleroli in Memory of the Anniversary of the Passing of Domenic Salleroli

Barbara & Russ Trocano Congratulations on your 60th Anniversary

Mr & Mrs. Richard & Barbara Stomber

Scott Sherman, TKE Alum

Takacs Istvan, Clearwater, FL

Community Sports Network (Mike & Dana Byrnes)

Mr & Mrs. John Scullen, Jr.

Anonymous Donor

Michael & Susan Costello

Lorraine R & Frank S Pearson

Barbara Antolotti Costello

Ms. Camille Palumbo for the Health of Ryan, and In Memory of Richard Palumbo

Greg & Rosie Miles

Nicolas & Dorothy Gemma

Ms. Marie Pedalino in Memory of sister, Gloria Conrad

Catherine & Thomas Horsburgh in Memory of Tom Horsburgh, Jr.

John & Kalli Protopsaltis

The Was Group, LLC In Memory of Darren Was

Richard & Maryan Bing

Eleanor Redfern & John Redfern in Memory of John R. Redfern

Janet Di Petrillo in Memory of Tom Horan & Joan De Petrillo

Dr David, Dr Karen & Laura Demsey

Steven Rizzio Painting Contractors, Montville

Ann Mc Kiernan

Kathleen Gibbons, Remembering Joan Springwaldt

Susan & Tony Cassisi, to Promote the Word

Marianna Thompson

Sue Feingold, Monthly 

Flo Manno in Memory of Russ Trocano

Vivian Semeraro

2019 Donors

Mr & Mrs Martin & Myrna Delacruz

Barbara Antolotti Costello

Scott Sherman

Ms. Maria Salleroli



Christmas Donations, 2018

Janet H. Di Petrillo

Mr & Mrs John P Tengi

Lorraine Pearson in Memory of Thomas Di Micelli

Victoria Ilgandi Family

Richard & Barbara Stomber

William & Patricia Mc Entee

Maria Salleroli in Memory of Dominic

Eleanor Redfern in Memory of John Redfern Sr.

John R. Urinyi

Mike & Susan Costello

Barbara & Russ Trucano

Ms Marianna Thompson

Mr & Mrs Giuseppe Spadea

Nina Hundt

Knights of Columbus 11943 in Memory of Fr Pat Brown

Nicholas & Dorothy T. Gemma

Ms Ann Mc Kiernan

David & Karen Demsey

Janice & Mike De Benedetto in Memory of Nicole

Denise Di Micelli in Memory of Thomas Di Micelli

Mary Ann Mullin in Memory of Ann Marie Mullin

Mr Raymond Ciampi

Virginia Scalzitti  in Memory of Anthony Scalzitti

Bob & Mary Shanahan

Pat & John Scullen

John O. Omachounu

Michael & MaryLou Pagano

Kathy & Bill Meyers

Mr & Mrs. Richard Weiner

Florence Manno

Sue Feingold


Mid Year Donors, 2018

Marie Pedalino, in Memory of Gloria Conrad

In Memory of Anthony Lorussa

In Honor of All Souls Day, Our Familes, Benefactors & Friends
including Michael Scurti, Johnny Scurti & Gene Stefanucci

Hubner Family, in Memory of Susanne

Spadea Family

VanSickle Family in Memory of Richard Vansickle

Marylou Insigna Family in Memory of Louis & Antoinette Insigna

Steven Rizzio in Memory of James and Elisa Rizzio

Palumbo Family in Memory of Aunt Adele Shinski

Dale & John Tengi in Thanksgiving

Susan Feingold

Andy Sayles Family in Memory of Tara Sayles

Richard & Maryan Bing

Eda Ferrante in Memory of Rosa Ferrante

Rita & Ralph Politi in Memory of Ralph Politi, Jr.

Virginia Scalzitti in Memory of Anthony Scalzitti

Emma Thompson in Memory of Cheryl & Edward Thompson

In Memory of the Vadala & Terraneo Family

Dominick & Maria Salleroli in Memory of Jennie & John Mercadino

Flo Manno in Memory of Joseph Manno

Ann McKiernan in Memory of Kevin J McKiernan

Marianna Thompson in Memory of Gus and Margaret Amato

2018 DONORS Benefactors of Friends of the Word

Scott (William ) Sherman

Drs. David & Karen Dempsey

John Urinyi in memory of Sheila Urinyi

Ms Vivian Semeraro

Mrs Mary Jo Pierce-Anthony in memory of Michael Anthony

Janice & Michael DeBenedetto

Susan Feingold



Benefactors of Friends of the Word

Tom DiMicelli

Victoria Ilgandi

Theresa & John Archambault-Poyer

Susan Feingold

Anne Drago in Memory of Anthony Drago

Ms Marie Pedalino in Memory of Filomena Battaglia

Nina De Franco, in Memory of Gabe De Franco

Frank & Lois Was

Eda Ferrante 

Ms Mona Brown & Cupid in Memory of Ida & Hugh Brown

Pat & Jack Scullen

Greg & Rosie Miles

Celeste & William Canning  in Honor of Elzabeth & Edward Muse

Barbara & Richard Stomber

John & Dale Tengi

The Rowe Family In Memory of Leonard & Aunt May Rowe & Family Members

Richard De Luca in Memory of Dora Judy De Luca

Linda Newton in Memory of Carlo Duva

Steve Rizio in Memory of James & Elisa Rizio

Janet & Paul DiPetrillo

Anna (Nina) Manzo

Barbara & Russell Trocano

Marianna Thompson

Donna Marrinan in Memory of Bill

Maria Restivo, for her Family

Mr & Mrs R Bing

Nunizata  Marino Family

Scott (William) Sherman

Maria & Giuseppe Spadea in Memory of Vittoria, Nicollo & Maria Giovani

Carl & Carol Schmidt in  Memory of Eleanor Rizzo & in Honor of the Crew of FOTW

Diane Weinert

Reginald Arnold, Monthly donation

Ms Patricia A. Jacovelli In Memory of Husband Anthony Jacovelli

Nancy  Branddell in Memory of Edwina Davino

Joanne Van Sickle in memory of Parents: Joseph & Delia Bernardo

Nicholas & Dorothy Gemma

The Shanahan Family

Dom & Maria Salleroli  in Memory of John & Jenny Mercantino

Mrs Eleanor Redfern in Memory of John R. Redfern

Col & Mrs. Reginald Grier


 Mid Year Donors, 2017

Maria Restivo with Prayers for FOTW Ministry, and her son

Denise DiMicelli, in Memory of Tom DiMicelli

Ray Ciampi in Memory of mother, Grace O’connor

Catherine Horsburgh, in Memory of Tommy & her Mother

Nina De Franco, in  Memory of Gabe De Franco

Mayor Randy George, in Memory of Lynn George

Marie Pedalino, in Memory ofFilomena Battaglia

Tanis Hardware, Haledon, NJ

Janet H. Di Petrillo

In Memory of Donnie De Block

Lee Vadala & Lou Terraneo

Dom & Maria Salleroli, on the occasion of Dom’s 88th Birthday

Eleanor Redfern, in Memory of John R. Redfern

Mr & Mrs. John Tengi

Mr & Mrs. Bradley Gibbons

Mr & Mrs Greg Miles

 2017 Donors
Sue F. (monthly)
Tom Di Micelli
Raymond Ciampi
Maria Restivo




Thank  you for your generosity toward advancing The Word!

Domenic & Maria Sallerili (Pledge) &  in memory of Jennie Mercandino

Diane Weinert & Family, La Grange, IL

Barbara & Rosario Trocano

Sue F. monthly donation pledge

Mona Brown

Scott Sherman, TKE 

Marie Pedalino in memory of Fiomena Battaglia

Mr & Mrs Richard Bing

Mr & Mrs Richard Palumbo, in honor of Louis & Mark Raia

Mr & Mrs. Thomas Dempsey

Barbara & Richard Stomber

John Urinyi in memory of Shelia Urinyi & Betsy Stagg

Most Reverend Frank J. Rodimer

John & Jo Ann Mele in memory of  Helen and John Salveti

 The Ilgandi Family in memory of Alice Dougherty  

Pat & Jack Scullen

 Mrs. Eleanor Redfern in memory of John Redfern, Sr

Gaetano & Susan Cassisi in memory of Tony & Sue Velardi, Agrippino

& Josephine Cassisi

Thomas & Catherine Horsburgh in memory of Tommy

Ralph & Rita Politi in memory of Ralph Politi

John & Dale Tengi

Celeste & Bill Canning in honor of All Good

Ann McKiernan

Mr & Mrs Nick Salerni

 Nina DeFranco in memory of Gabe DeFranco  & “God Bless your Ministry”

Janet Horan & Paul DiPetrillo

 Manuel N. & Maria Dulce Freire

Bill & Pat McEntee

Lorraine & Frank Pearson

in memory of Tom A. DiMicelli

Marianna & Paul Thompson

 Dan De Stefano, in honor of his Family Living & Deceased


                 Barbara,  Magee, Jerry, Dennis, Bill, Bob, Kathy  (Missing: Fr Lou, Jon, Greg, Carl, Andy)

Fr Lou Scurti and the Board of Trustees of


Thank   you, our donors and benefactors….

 Donors & Benefactors of Friends of the Word, Inc.

‘Continuing the Ministry of the Word’




The Lydia and Mark Family Foundation

Mr & Mrs Palumbo in honor of Jerry Reynolds’ health

 Sue F. (Via Paypal), monthly donation to  “Advance the Word”

William Scott Sherman, TKE, monthly donation via Paypal

John & Theresa Payor, Florida

Dominic & Maria Salleroli monthly donation

Maria Restivo

Richard and Barbara Stomber



The Metrione Family in Memory of Jean Metrione

Vivian Semorano

Marie Pedalino

Mr & Mrs Palumbo in Memory of Phil Unti

Lee Duva

Nina Manzo

Andy, Amanda Sayles, and boys

Bill & Pat McEntee

John & Pat Scullen

Mr & Mrs Richard Stomber

Kalli Protopsaltis

Lorraine & Frank Pearson Family in Memory of Thomas A DiMiceli

Marie Pedalino in Memory of Filomena Battaglia

Ms. Eda Ferrante

Mr & Mrs Richard Palumbo

Bernardette Lindsay in Memory of Virginia Gutierrez

Robert Shanahan

Mona A. Brown

Tom & Catherine Horsburgh In Memory of Tom Horsburgh, Jr.

Marianna & Paul Thompson

Barbara & Russ Trocano

Mrs Eleanor Redfern in Memory of John Redfern, Sr.

Rose  Marie Miles Family

Gaetano & Susan Cassisi

Brenda J Schone

Nina De Franco In Memory of Gabe De Franco

Steven Rizio

Ray Ciampi

Mary Jo Anthony in Memory of Rose, Frank, Michael Scurti

& Grace Anthony

Ann McKiernan in Memory of Agnes McKenna

Cosmo Palmisano in honor of David King

Sue F. (Via Paypal)

Tom DiMicelli (Via Paypal)

Nina Manzo

Michael Driscoll

Carl & Carol Schmidt

John & Grace Soldoveri Foundation in Memory of John Soldoveri

Mr. John Urinyi in Memory of Sheila

Ann Pagano in Memory of Peg Canova

Marie & Dom Salleroli

Scott Sherman



Annunciation Parish Knights of Columbus

Mr & Mrs Scullen in Memory of Don Pavlak, Sn.

Dominick & Maria Salleroli

In Memory of Virginia Gutierrez: Mr and Mrs. Skorton

David & Karen Demsey via paypal 

Ray Ciampi

Yolanda DeFilippis

        Merlita Jones

James Pacelli

Scott Sherman, TKE

Thomas Di Micelli, via paypal, New Hampshire

Flo Manno

Camille & Richard Palumbo, in memory of Christopher Pensel

Sue Feingold

Sue Feingold, in Memory of Dorothy Iaacone

Vivian Semeraro

  Betty Mills

Jeanne Michaud, In Memory of Paige Perigo

Mark & Lydia Kennelley Family
Carl Schmidt
Bob Shanahan
Mr & Mrs. Cassisi
Sue Feingold
Mayor Randy George, in memory of Lynn
Diane Weinert
Mr & Mrs Palumbo
NJDC Parents
Pete & Sue Kuveke via paypal
Francoise & Lois Was
Bob & Maria Freeze
EDA Ferrante
Peggy Percarpio
Maryan & Richard Bing via paypal
Letitia Vadala
Bill & Kathy Myers
Vito Spadea,
J. Donato Realty July 2014
William Sherman Aug. 18, 2014
Susan Feingold Aug 18, 2014
Patricia Slezak

Mary & Walter Voytus
Mary, Maria & Len Gioia



 CHRISTMAS 2014christ-child-madonna-of-pomegranate-sandro-botticelli

Tanis Hardware, Haledon
Mona Brown in memory of Ida & Hugh Brown
Rosemary Miles in memory of Frioli / Miles Families and for Peace & the Military
Nina De Franco in memory of Gabe De Franco
Michelle Ferguson
Brad & Kathy Gibbons, in honor of Sue Gibbons
Anne Drago
Denise DiMicelli in memory of Tom DiMicelli
Randy George in Memory of Lynn
Margaret Percarpio
James & Irene Beatty in memory of Evan Cornell
Mary Gioia
Carl J. & Carol Schmidt
Brian P. Trava, DMD, PA
Mr & Mrs Palumbo in memory of their families
Mr & Mrs Czaplicki & Byron
Marie Pedalino in memory of Filomena Battaglia
Mr Charles Shotmeyer
Mr & Mrs Horsburgh in Memory of Tom Horsburgh, Jr.
Barbara & Richard Stomber
Ms Marylou Insinga
Mr & Mrs William McEntee
The Gibbons Family, in Memory of Sue Gibbons
Mr & Mrs John Scullen
William “Scott” Sherman, WPUNJ & TKE Alum
Dale & Jack Tengi In Thanksgiving for our Faith and Priest who preach the Good News
Mrs. Ann Mc Kiernan
Ralph & Rita Politi In Memory of Ralph Politi, Jr.
Mr. Cosmo Palmisano
Vincent Parrillo
Dr & Mrs. Reginald Grier In Memory of Albert & Mrs Vermell Grier
Darren Was
Dom and Maria Salleroli
Maria Lopez in honor of Jonathan
Thomas & Lydia Schmitz
Susan & Tony Cassisi in honor of Cassisi Family
Louis Terraneo & Lee Vadala
John & Donna Scurti, in Memory of Jim Scurti

Susan Feingold 

George & Nina Manza
Anna & Phil Gonnella

Benefactors of Friends of the Word*

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