The Sorrowful Mysteries ...Good Friday Presentation

The Sorrowful Mysteries …Good Friday Presentation

Join Fr. Lou Scurti on Good Friday April 3, 2015 for “The Sorrowful Mysteries.” Holy Cross Church, St. Petersburg Fl. The Sorrowful Mysteries recount all the sorrows of Jesus’ Passion and death… • The Agony in the Garden The night before He dies, Jesus prays in the Garden of Olives. His agony is so great, His sweat becomes drops of blood… • The Scourging at the Pillar Jesus is scourged before He is crucified… • Crowning with Thorns The cruel Roman soldiers make a mockery of Jesus and crown Him with a painful crown made of thorns… • Carrying of the Cross Jesus carries His cross through the streets to the place where He will be crucified… • The Crucifixion Jesus is crucified and dies for our sins…

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