ST. KATERI TEKAWITHA Evangelization to the Americas (1656-80)
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ST. KATERI TEKAWITHA Evangelization to the Americas (1656-80)


Gepostet von Louis Scurti am Dienstag, 14. Juli 2020

ST. KATERI TEKAWITHA Evangelization to the Americas (1656-80)Amid the controversy of today, the Church still Evangelizes our Faith! St. Kateri is an example of a person who learned of Christ, and decided to follow him. She made a choice for Christ. Her history respects her choice, when the Jesuits brought Catholicism to the Americas. 

Fr Louis Scurti presents his homily at St. John Nepomucene Church, Manhattan


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  1. Father,
    I love your mass and especially your homilies. I am probably not the first person to let you know the music is very distracting. It continues on through most of the mass and it is very difficult to hear what you are saying, even the closed caption person can not make out what you are saying and just puts “music” in the closed captions. Being a person hearing impaired, I depend on the closed caption and your verbiage to hear your Mass. Thank you so much for continuing your home Mass. I am not sure when I will return to Mass in person, because I am not comfortable with the way they distribute communion and going to Mass without the Eucharist, feels empty. 
    We think you should be a write in for President, you would convert the world. 
    We continue to pray for all of us and thank you for not using the word “White Privilege”, those words really make me see red. I come from a boarder line poverty family of 8 children. We never had much money or possessions, but my mother gave us plenty of love. I joined the Army when I was 18, to get an education. I come from NH, so the first person of color that I ever met was in basic training in Aniston, Alabama, and she became my best friend. I worked very hard to go to college on the GI bill, get my degree, get my jobs etc. I was NEVER given any privileges because I was “white”. I think the people that use that term are in that class and feel guilty because of it, but I detest being in that general category. Ok, my Homily is over. Blessings to you. D M

  2. Fr. Lou,
    People are looking for hope.
    I have seen the rise of religion on face book. Your encouragement helps.
    I love your Sunday Mass which is great for people to watch with Churches shut down.
    People go to FOTW for religion. … I’m thinking about FOTW.


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