PADRE PIO & I-Adolfo Affatato PROMO

PADRE PIO & I-Adolfo Affatato PROMO

PADRE PIO & I-Adolfo Affatato PROMO

Padre Pio & Adolfo Affatato

Adolfo Affatato Will share his personal and intimate moments with the Saint, Over a 15 year period. His mission is to share the life and stories of Padre Pio, and make him known to the public! He will be the guest of Steve and Lynne PFAFF. His presentations will take place at the following venues: Saint Ignatius church Tarpon Springs Florida on April 29 7 PM, Light of Christ church Clearwater, April 30 10 AM. These presentations are free of charge and Adolfo‘s book “Padre Pio and I“ will be available. As we prepare for these presentations we invite you to contemplate Padres prayer: “pray, hope and don’t worry”. The phone interviews with Steve and Lynn will soon be available on www.friendsoftheword.Org For further information go to Lynne Shephard PFAFF’s Facebook page.
The Saint Louis events:

Thur. May 2, 10AM
St. Ambrose, The Hill

Thur. May 2, 7PM
St. Clement of Rome,
Des Peres

Fri. May 3, 10AM Incarnate Word, Chesterfield

Fri. May 3, 7 PM
St. Ferdinand’s Florissant

Sat. May 4, 10 AM

St. Richard’s, Creve Coeur

Sat. May 4, 7PM Assumption, Mattis
Thank you! Join us. All of the interviews with Lynn and Steve will be uploaded to real soon!

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