Bob Shanahan, Esq. Secretary & Legal Counsel,

Fr. Louis Scurti Founder and creative contributor,

Kathy Kehoe-Meyers evangelist

Bill Meyers, ‘on the road’ crew member

Ann Marie Abad FOTW guest, ‘on the road’ crew member.

Dr. Carl Bolleia Musician, guest and creative contributor,

Andy Sayles, Esq. former Prince of Peace family member,

Jerry Reynolds Treasurer, Producer,  Videographer, Webmaster

Barbara Stomber Editor of Newsletter, former guest and vibrant member,

Ariel Tolome FOTW webmaster consultant

Dr. Gregory Costello major force and creative contributor

Newest Board Members

Camille Palumbo evangelist, Florida

Dorothy Mucci artist & evangelist, NJ

Carol Tang-Tanjutco  coordinator of Eagle Eye Charities, NY

Michael & Dana Byrnes Community Broadcast Network owner,

CSN Sports Film, Florida


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