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  1. Dear Father Lou,

    The most important point for me in your homily, of yesterday what your explanation about what Kings in the OT is really about. That the mistakes of the Kings as pointed out by the prophets. 

    When I am in a hotel, I tend to open the Bible which is there. I now stick to the Psalms. Once I opened the OT and read in Kings -about a young girl who was sacrificed by her father, a King – but whom God didn’t spare. When I told my children about this, their explanation was wanting, in my opinion. They said the King was rash in his promise to God. For me that was not acceptable. So I stick to the Psalms if I open to the OT.

    I should pray for you as well, Father Lou, to keep up with inspired homilies – for a very long time. [the Hebrew expression that comes to mind is – L’olam vo’ed ]


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