Fr Lou Meets an Opera Star The Wall of Memories (3)

Fr Lou Meets an Opera Star The Wall of Memories (3)

Teresa Apolei is Father Lou’s guest in three episodes of
Teresa has performed around the world and gives an overview of her venues and experiences. This episode focuses on her photographic memories. Contact Fr Lou Scurti at: [email protected]

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Loretta Sabio
5 years ago

Dear Fr. Lou, Thank you so much for giving Teresa the information so that I could access the interview; and what a wonderful interview it was. I always enjoy listening to her stories and being in her company. She is a delight!! She will explain to you just how I know her. I don’t remember the exact connection Teresa has to my former husband. I just remember that one of her very best friends had a license plate with the word “OPERA” on it and that attracted my husband (who was playing tennis with this man, Joe). One word led… Read more »