May 26


The Gospel
Fr Louis Scurti presents The Ascension,
based on Acts 1:1-11
Eph 1:17-23
Matthew 28:16-20
He focuses on Christ’s mandate: “Go into the world!”

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    • Ed Holterhoff on May 28, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    sent to Fr Lou from Ed Holterhoff:

    Dear Lou,
    A great theme for the Ascension.  The two men dressed in white ask a question which challenges the Church of every era so that it will focus its resources and energies where Jesus did, on earth and bring compassion, healing, love and peace to all.  Piety faces upward; while the work of Jesus is around us.  The Church, then, ought to continually ask itself where it is looking, internally at its own rules and doctrines, or outward towards the needs of people and the world.  Today’s text from the Acts of the Apostles gives us the answer.  Hope all is well.  In the summer, I am off to Italy to explore possible retirement locations.  Ed

    • Vic Puglia on May 28, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Sent to Fr Lou Via Facebook: Homilies by Fr Lou Scurti:

    Love the “what are you looking for?”
    Homily !!!
    That is exactly were I am in my journey with Christ.
    Love church and being nurtured by the word, but how do I serve the Lord ?
    Went to see Father Richard Rohr at St. Paul’s church in Princeton yesterday .
    One thing I got from going to the talk…
    Besides his book,lol!
    He spoke about filling your cup up with the Lords love but you also need to empty it out too.
    Share that love with others or eventually there is no more room in your cup.
    Peace and Gods love to you Father Lou 🙏

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